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Dipped in Moody Blue


This height chart range allows you to see the beautiful reclaimed native NZ timber (Rimu and Kauri) while also featuring a touch of colour. We love the hint of personality that the ‘no tippy toes’ message gives at the bottom of each height chart.

A moody blue with a hint of green. Gorgeous option for a boys room and also a sophisticated colour to fit in a living area. We hope your family will get a lot of delight from their new keepsake.

These height charts are ©OnWood and are designed and manufactured in NZ by the OnWood team.

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Made with child friendly, sustainable paint. Width and depth sizes vary slightly due to the nature of preserving each unique piece of wood.

  • 180cm in length
  • Generally 13cm wide, and approximately 2cm deep.
  • Ready to hang 20cm from the floor
  • Brass plated saw tooth hanger attached and hook supplied.

Each growth chart for boys and girls is flavoured with its own unique markings and tells a story of a life it’s had prior to this one – characters which we’ve knowingly conserved, mended a little but ultimately kept in their raw state. Although most are very clean lengths of timber these days, please appreciate these little idiosyncrasies – some of these guys have perhaps been on this earth longer than you but we know you’ll adore them!

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Available items ship immediately. This item is available on pre-order for completion at the end of July. Please allow approximately 3 business days for courier delivery (allow an extra day or so for rural delivery).


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 13 × 2 cm


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