It's not often we take a family photo and when we do, naturally someone is refusing to look at the camera! This one is taken on the Pohutukawa Coast - a place we absolutely love, and call home.

The idea for OnWood grew when our first born, Georgie, stood up and began to grow. It’s no old chestnut - like many families, when we were growing up, the average kiwi family practically lived in the same house and as tradition would have it, someone special would regularly mark our heights on a doorway - whether that be grandpa, or in Dan’s case himself – perhaps this wasn’t due to being unloved, but rather an issue of outgrowing his family by the age of eleven!

We wanted this same tradition for Georgie, her younger sister Sammy, (insert our more recent addition Isabelle), and other families from every corner of NZ and the rest of the world. The OnWood Height Charts were born and for 5 years now, families from across NZ and Australia have been measuring their families on an OnWood keepsake that they'll keep for generations to come.

While preserving family memories was the essence of the project, we soon found ourselves embracing the concept of preservation and sustainability into the mission of the business. This began when sourcing beautiful reclaimed native timber, and is incorporated into the paint used, the production processes and the packaging. Each length of timber is hand picked, crafted and made with love.

The art of rekindling is a vision we have and we’re delighted to start by bringing you the OnWood range but we hope you will share our buzz of excitement in knowing that the ‘workshop’ will be a hive of activity in preparation for more to come.


OnWood height charts are made from reclaimed native NZ timber, and up-cycled and repurposed to innovatively create a simply beautiful keepsake. The combination of reclaimed timber and crisp colours and clean lines of the paint result in a high quality, stylish piece of decor to be kept forever. Each handmade OnWood height chart has its own character and charm and is a distinctive alternative to paper, decals and door jambs.

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