Designed and made in NZ


Our OnWood height charts and other products are made from reclaimed wood. Repurposed New Zealand Rimu, Kauri and Pine all made right here in New Zealand.

The reclaimed timber gives each product an element of character and charm as well as resulting in a great quality product that is made to last. And that’s exactly what we’re after because we want your memories to last a lifetime… and more!


A great product starts with a great design so many hours are spent experimenting with colour combos, carefully designing each original height chart to the point of perfection. Every little inch has been thought about and each centimetre serves its own purpose to make it look stylish, contemporary and to do so for a long time. And each piece of off cut timber has had a sample paint swatch put on it for safe measure!

Designed in NZ
Sourced from reclaimed wood


First we source beautiful local reclaimed timber - Native Rimu, Kauri and Pine. This timber may come from an old factory, building or residential home demolition or renovation. This timber can be more challenging to find but the value of its quality and character is second to none!


The prepping activity begins on our reclaimed timber. Measuring, cutting, sanding, filling, and anything else that needs be done to create a well made blank canvas which can be passed down from generation to generation and last many life-times.

Height charts made in NZ from reclaimed wood


The height chart comes alive once the paint is carefully applied. Everything is painted so that we can ensure everything is as permanent as possible – we don’t want your measurements to come off! The last and most important step of every product is the finishing – no surface goes untouched. And what once was a part of a run-down building is now a contemporary piece of artwork that a family will soon inherit and make memories with.


Each height chart is carefully made with love from our family to yours.

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