We advise up to two weeks and aim for sooner

We currently ship to Australia – while we don’t take orders directly through the website, just email us and we can arrange it for you – .

We recommend using our Painter Markers because they don’t bleed like regular vivids/markers, otherwise, we have a range of awesome vinyl markers that look super cute on the height charts too.

The marks on the height chart reach 190cm, however, the height chart reaches 2m once you hang it on the wall.

There is a 50/50 mixture. It depends if you want to hand this particular one down to your kids or they might get their own later and transfer the height marks to start their own.

We make the height charts from reclaimed Rimu, Kauri and Pine depending on the design.

Yes this is no problem. We can do this if you’re happy for it to take a little longer and cost a little more to source the paint.

Check out the customer care page for shipping details.

All of our pegs come with the coat rack to be assembled so that your coat rack arrives to you undamaged. Please take care when you are assembling.

Firstly, hold the peg at a 90 degree angle to the coat rack and carefully push in.

Once it has gone in as far as it can, carefully adjust the angle to the hole, making sure that the side that sits against the shallowest part of the hole isn't jutting out.

If you need to twist, do this very gently.

You may need a mallet to bump it in snugly.

Every now and then, the pegs are not as snug as the others, and if this is the case, PVA glue placed at the end of the peg should hold it in. Epoxy adhesive will also do the job.